General Rules & Regulations

1. Completion of the contract

1.1 By signing up to the camp, you offer us a binding contract. You are bound to this offer for 14 days. The contract shall come into effect upon acceptance of the application by us, after we received the 1st payment.

1.2 The acceptance of the application by us do not require any special form; they can also be sent by e-mail.

2. Payments of the Camp (for skaters)

2.1 A first payment of “a third” of the total price is due in order to secure a place to the camp (limited slots available). The final payment (of the “2 thirds” left to be paid) has to be made not later than the 15th of July 2024 if done by bank transfer. Payments are timely if they are received within one of our accounts within the set deadlines.

2.2 Payments can be made directly, from any country, either through our official website (by credit card / Paypal account through a secure provider) or by bank transfer (in that case, please contact us directly with your request to get the necessary bank details). For Countries part of the SEPA Zone. another option of payment by credit card without extra fees is available, through our LYF plateform (contact us for more details regarding this last option).

2.3 Regarding the payment made by bank transfers: we must receive the exact amount indicated in our website and email correspondances so you should ensure that any potential extra transfer fees, currency exchange charges, and other potential additional fees will be at your charge.

3. Payments for Extra Private Sessions / New Choreography

3.1 these payments will have to be done by cash only (in Euros) directly to the Coach/Choreographer involved.

3.2 Any payment for Private session will have to be done directly to the coach involved (just before or prior the session concerned) and any payment for a new program choreography will have to be entirely done not later than prior the last session planned by the choreographer involved.

4. Booking of Extra Private Sessions / New Choreography

4.1  A pre-booking is strongly advised (which can be made during the registration process through our Registration Form or on a seperate email correspondance) but doesn’t always ensure the final validation of the request (our coaches are often “overbooked” with extra privates during our camp and can not always fulfil all the pre-booking request, but if this happen: we’ll do our best to accomodate you with another option at the closest of your original request)

4.2 the final validation of extra private sessions and New program choreography request will take place during the “welcoming meeting” that takes place in the evening the day before the start of the camp, or at anytime through the camp period directly with each coach/choreographer involved

4.3 We reserved the right to cancel any extra private session originally planned in the case of non-attendance (or only partial attendance) by the skater to the program of the camp.

5. Certificate of Participation / Diploma

5.1 An individual Certificate of Participation (signed by the Guest Coaches and the Director of the Camp) will be given to each skater who fulfil the program content planned by the coaches and who show an appropriate Sportmanship Attitud through the whole camp. 

5.2 An individual Certificate of Participation (signed by the Guest Coaches and the Director of the Camp) will be given to each Coaches (Coach observer and/or in training) who attend the camp and correspond to the “ICE2IMPULSE” Coaching team code of ethics and values.

6. Program/Content/Courses of the Camp

6.1 The director of the camp in concertation with the Coaches team is fully in charge of the content of the camp. Parents/accompanists are more than welcome to give us some informations relative to the skater background and/or to ask us our professional expertise (at an appropriate time) but in no way or form should they interfere during our courses or tell the skater what to do on a technical aspect.

6.2 In case of any injuries/incapacities to take part of some of the courses, the skater concerned (and/or Parents/accompanist present) should advise directly and at the soonest one of the coaches or the director of the camp.

7. Cancellation of participant, Refunds, Exclusion

7.1 there will be no refunds on the first payment, and no refunds at all if cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the start of the camp. In case of serious injury or other valid reasons of non-attendance, some refunds possibilities or other options can be discussed.

7.2 An definite exclusion of a participant can take place at the discretion of the camp director, if any of the following occurs: disrespectful attitud with any member of the camp or any members of the Hotel Staff, any violation to the general rules and regulations of the camp, use of drogs, doping products, alcohol, violent and erratic behaviours,

8. Cancellation of the organizer

8.1 We are entitled to withdraw from the training contract 30 days before the start of the course if a minimum number of participants required in the respective service description is not reached

9.  Termination due to force majeure

9.1 If the course is severely impaired, impaired or impaired by force majeure, which was not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded, both parties may terminate the training contract.

9.2 With the termination we lose the right to the course price. We are not entitled to any compensation for the costs incurred in the course of the course. In the opposite direction, you will not be entitled to claim compensation for the costs arising from the preparation for the course.